Rabu, 02 April 2014

Start Menu Modifier

  Blend the Windows 8 modern UI with the desktop

 Start Menu Modifier is a desktop customization software that helps moving between Windows 8's desktop and tile interface a little less jarring.

One of the biggest problems that Windows 8 faces is its steep learning curve. Start Menu Modifier helps make this learning curve a bit more manageable by overlaying the tile interface on top the desktop. What Start Menu Modifier does is shrinks the tile interface to show up on the top of the bottom of the screen, making it wider and scrollable.

While Start Menu Modifier looks seamless and works well, it doesn't offer any advantage of the stock interface. The app doesn't give you a traditional start menu, like the Pokki app, so many users will be disappointed at that. Jumping in and out of the tiled interface is something that definitely takes some getting used to but offers a better, more useful view of all your apps and live tiles.

Start Menu Modifier has some bugs that need to be worked out as well. The application itself doesn't require any installation, which is good and bad. You'll have to find the folder it's located in to get into its options. During launch, there is a .NET Framework error, which can be ignored but makes the app feel incomplete. Start Menu Modifier also didn't keep our settings after shutdown or reboot, which is a major bummer.

Still, those who want a less jarring Windows 8 experience will want to give Start Menu Modifier a try ..

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